About Natural Care Inc.

Natural Care Inc. UK philosophical approach to skin, hair and body care is a holistic view, with a real focus on everything being naturally sourced – general well-being is of the upmost importance.

It is our unwaveringly passion about the science behind our product portfolio that has lead us to find result orientated products that are not based on gimmicks, and all components are pure and clinically proven, with a real focus on natural elements.

Appraisal is rigorous, integrity is the key. The intensive research methods and attention to specific consumer need are vital to it our success, and at the very heart of our core values.

Natural care Inc. recognizes that skin and hair care products are not just a cosmetic issue; we understand the huge psychological impact of hair loss and skin concerns; promoting products that transform lives and help regain confidence.

Our buyers are pioneers in their fields and strive for groundbreaking ideas, using state-of-the-art technology; combining science with nature to introduce revolutionary products that work in synergy with the body and deliver measureable results.

Research and Development

Research shows that:

  • Product quality and clear results are of greater concern than price
  • The desire for more natural ingredients is key – a quarter of consumers don’t buy natural and organic toiletries because they are unsure how natural they really are
  • There is an increased demand for anti-ageing products starting at an earlier age
  • Consumers have a high concern for the environment

Our brands address the issues with absolute precision. Consumers need to justify why they are paying a premium price for products – and these new brands have successfully emphasised the power of using plant extracts and natural ingredients in their formulations. They speak directly to the demand for hard-hitting but non-invasive solutions.

  • Cinere natural skincare – specialists in the natural anti-ageing field
  • Reseed – a unique result orientated three-step hair-loss treatment
  • Figurite – the pioneering anti-cellulite targeting system

Each range has been rigorously tested with significant results that have been actively proven.

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